Self-Service IT to Orchestrate Cloud Resources in Hybrid/Multi-cloud Environment

September 6, Wednesday, 2017 || 11 AM PT • 2 PM ET • 6 PM GMT

IT Team need cloud services and they need them now. But IT processes impede swift approval of cloud resources, resulting in loss of precious time. Sometimes IT teams take the matter in their own hands by creating their own servers and put business security at risk.

The need of the hour is self-service IT, a single window that enables IT team and their managers to quickly select and approve cloud resources to fit their requirements.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:
  • How self-service IT helps you move from distributed to centralised IT
  • Deep Dive of CoreStack Self-Service capability
  • How to create self-service catalog in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment
  • How to order self-service catalog
  • How to access your environment provisioned via self-service
Meet the speakers:

Michael Stipe
Chief Revenue Officer

Tony Rylands (Tony)
VP Sales Engineering

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