Case Study

CoreStack™ Orchestration for Universities


A leading Indian university pioneer in imparting knowledge in the areas of engineering, science, technology and education. One of the premiere educational institue that focuses on research in various domains partnering with government and corporate institutes


  • Providing on-demand infrastructure to the research fellows and professors requiring to work on various open source or custom applications.
  • Auditing and tracking the usage per department or groups
  • Maintaining privacy for certain research work while using the shared infrastructure


  • Set-up on premise Private cloud.
  • Deployed self service portal with array of catalogs for Infrastructure and applications
  • Tenant based isolation through the self service portal for various departments/groups
  • Manage Quota and budgets
  • Approval workflow for managing and validating the infrastructure request.
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and application through templates
  • Provide option to request resources from Public Cloud like AWS when on premise infra is fully utilized

Key Advantage

The automation enabled increased utilization of Infrastructure and reduced the manual effort by administrators. This also helped in accelerating the research work by professors and researchers.

Benefit Drivers


  • Increased the infrastructure usage by 46%
  • Decreased deployment time by 90%
  • Improved process efficiency


  • Reduced manual effort for infrastructure provisioning and maintenance
  • Decreased the public cloud infrastructure spend by 45%


  • Openstack, Chef, Nagios


  • No of Virtual Machines:2000+
  • No of end users:1000+
  • No of Application catalog:100+
  • No of templates available:40+

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