Case Study

CoreStack™ Cloud Governance for leading MSP


A large multinational corporation that provides communication technology and services


  • Manual provisioning of infrastructure
  • Managing quota and accountability of resources by project and user
  • Large numbers of orphaned resources
  • Forecasting infrastructure demand


  • Automated Infrastructure request, approval and fulfillment
  • Automated Application deployment and Configuration management
  • Automated backup and de-provisioning of infrastructure based on time
  • Identifcation of Orphaned resources and removal
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and application through templates
  • Consolidate and parse logs based on rules
  • Manage Quota and budgets
  • Provide option to request resources from Public Cloud like AWS

Key Advantage

The automation enabled increased utilization of infrastructure and reduced the manual effort by administrators. This also helped improve the productivity of developers.

Benefit Drivers


  • Increased scalability based on demand
  • Decreased deployment time by 70%
  • Improved process efficiency


  • Reduced manual effort for maintenance
  • Decreased the infrastructure spend by 15%


  • Openstack, Chef, Nagios, Logstash, Elasticsearch.


  • No of Virtual Machines:500+
  • No of end users:1000+
  • No of Application catalog:50+
  • No of templates available:50+

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