Case Study

CoreStack™ ClaaS for Training Providers


US based online training provider is one of the world’s largest professional certifications company and it works with companies and working professionals to address their unique learning needs


  • Setting up wide variety of Lab environment for student on demand
  • Automating provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure
  • Reducing infrastructure spend to a minimal level
  • Ensure the availability and scaling of the application based on utilization


  • Automated the deployment of Training environment such as Big Data, R, Spark, Elastic Search, Mobile Development, etc. using Templates
  • Automated scale-up and scale down of infra based on utilization
  • Automated backup process for all components
  • Automated de-provisioning of infrastructure based on training period
  • Enfored policy for access based on credits
  • Event driven automation to improve efficiency
  • Automated Archival and purge process

Key Advantage

Providing infrastructure on-demand, coupled with automation that takes care of infrastructure optimisation and utilisation. Thus allowing customer to focus on providing world class learning experience and not worry about underlying infrastructure

Benefit Drivers


  • Increased scalability based on demand
  • Decreased deployment time by 70%


  • Increased application availability and maintaining at 99.99%


  • Reduced manual effort for maintenance
  • Decreased the infrastructure spend


  • HortonWorks, Elasticsearch, Spark, R, AWS (EC2, CFN, S3, Glacier), Chef, Nagios, Logstash


  • No of Training Environment:15
  • No of end users:10000+
  • No of countries accessed:43

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