Case Study

A Top Mobile Gaming Company Uses CoreStack to Smoothly Scale Up its IT Operations to Support Rapid Growth

Customer Background

Our customer is a leading Mobile Gaming company, focused on developing quality casual and multi-player games in the sports genre. With more than 15 million active users and over 100 million downloads, it has won several global and national awards. It owns the IP of the most popular Cricket Game in India which has made it to the best games and apps on Google Play for four consecutive years. It also services Fortune 500 companies with Advergames.

Business Goals

The customer was keen to achieve two specific goals to support its high growth plans

  1. Build a Scalable and Highly Available platform for the Gaming Apps
  2. Seamless performance even during an unpredictable rise in concurrent users

As leaders in Mobile Games, they wanted to focus all their attention on Game development and not waste time on infrastructure deployment and maintenance.


The following challenges impeded their progress towards their goals

  • Lean IT team which lacked the expertise to keep up with the pace of Cloud operations. Managing high availability, backups and archival, monitoring, auto-scaling, and disaster recovery was getting very challenging
  • Limited visibility and control over Cloud Costs and Compliance. Lack of exposure to industry best practices and standards


Customer understood that to achieve their business goals, seamless Governance of Cloud was critical. After careful evaluation, they decided to use the CoreStack Enterprise platform and built following solutions:

  1. Streamlined Cloud Operations
    • Automated monitoring and remediation to ensure high availability especially when the concurrent usage is high. Used ML-based prediction
    • Easily integrated with other automation tools
      • Zabbix for monitoring additional metrics
      • CHEF Cookbooks for automating app deployment
    • Automated back-ups, archival, disaster recovery and scheduled start and stop of resources
    • Automated Tagging of resources and Tag-based group actions
  2. Actionable insights and recommendations on Cost optimization using Dashboards
  3. Automated Governance by enforcing policies

The Corestack team also provided consulting services on recommending the right Cloud services (e.g. serverless) for their needs to develop new Gaming Apps and the Cloud deployment architecture.


  • Achieved an Availability of 99.99% for the Cricket Gaming Apps
  • Achieved seamless Performance of the Gaming Apps even during unpredicted peak demand time
  • 8x growth in Cloud consumption in 3 years to support high business growth
  • Gave them the confidence to successfully launch new Apps for other sports


Online Gaming

Business Goals

  • Build a highly available and scalable platform for the Gaming Apps
  • Seamless performance even with unpredictable demand


CoreStack Enterprise for

  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Compliance


  • 99.99% of Gaming App availability
  • 8x growth in cloud consumption in 3 years to support business growth
  • Launched new Apps for other sports

Why CoreStack?

  • One single platform to govern overall Cloud usage – Operations, Costs, and Compliance
  • Great product vision and expertise in Cloud technologies

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