Case Study

70% Opex savings with log operations automation for leading Indian ISP

Our customer is a fast-growing, Fibernet-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), for commercial establishments and home users in India, a country which constitutes 13.5% of the world’s total internet users. The ISP had around 5000+ end users, processing up to 2 TB of log data every month.

Challenges faced

The customer was looking for a unified solution that would resolve their compliance and automated log management needs, while optimizing operational costs.

Compliance requirements

In line with the Indian Department of Telecommunications’ new regulations, the customer had to collect and correlate around 2 TB of logs, and maintain them for over a year. Complying to these rules and maintaining such massive levels of data in a safe and secure environment was proving to be a tough task. The customer was looking for a well-thought out Business Continuity Plan to effectively manage their log operations on cloud.

Auto Remediation

Using automated, event-driven remediation,the customer wanted to monitor services and resolve issues swiftly, with minimal to zero manual intervention.

Shifting from mounting Capex to optimized Opex

Heavy investment in infrastructure had raised the ISPs capital expenditures. The customer intended to reduce the Capex burden and optimize the operating expenditures by relying on scalable and on-demand cloud solutions.


We analysed the customer’s log management needs and decided to leverage the CoreStack platform, quickly developing scripts and templates to automate and execute log operations. This helped them meet the compliance requirements and optimize costs.

Compliance requirements

CoreStack easily integrates with the log shipper – Rsyslog, and Elastic’s ELK (log search and indexing tool – Elasticsearch, log parsing tool – Logstash and data visualizer – Kibana) set of tools, facilitating a satisfying automation setup for log management.

Using the scheduling feature, templates and scripts were configured and executed to automate log rotation, export, archival and clean-up.

Business-continuity was ensured by automating deployment of log data in secure AWS ECS.

Auto Remediation

A powerful log correlation engine was developed to correlate the log from multiple files and routers. This helped the customer to collect, correlate, and report on security events from critical data assets in real time. Remedial measures were triggered on detection of unusual or unauthorized
activities immediately.

Shifting from mounting Capex to optimized Opex

Reduced infrastructure cost by managing logs optimally in the on-premise cluster and bursting into cloud for scale.


Our platform helped the customer to reap three main benefits:


  • The automations enabled reduction of manual efforts by a staggering 70%, thereby helping the customer focus on more mission-critical tasks.


  • Logs were available for the stipulated period of time, thereby ensuring availability and adhering to compliance measures


  • By optimally using on-premises infrastructure and moving to cloud to scale, the Capex was reduced to a great extent

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