The Secret to the Success of your Cloud is Governance

Build Automated Guardrails with CoreStack®

In Today’s Competitive Landscape Agility
is a Critical Capability

But every Single day
your IT is Facing Challenges in
  • Taming the complexity of managing multiple Cloud services
  • Limiting resource wastage
  • Managing resource access and security
  • Mitigating compliance and regulatory risks
Your Business cannot Afford to
  • Lose the competitive edge due to IT bottlenecks
  • Overspend on IT and still be slow to meet customer needs
  • Face risks due to security or compliance violations

Your Path to Innovation should be devoid of Security and
Compliance Minefields. Are you prepared?

CoreStack® Enterprise
Enables You

  • to be agile and
  • eliminate waste
  • while proactively mitigating risks
  • by making your cloud governance intelligent and autonomous

It applies Cloud-as-Code™ approach to govern the four critical components of your cloud

CoreStack® Enterprise Capabilities



Remove the bottlenecks in quickly consuming the services the Developers need at the time which matters


Inventory Discovery

Discover all your multi-cloud or hybrid cloud resources from a single place


Cost Analytics

Know what you are spending.
Get a holistic view and also finer details to eliminate wastage


Cloud-native Governance

Chain disparate Cloud-native services to gain continuous visibility and control


Policy Enforcement

Automatically enforce policies across the entire service lifecycle


Data driven, ML based Recommendations

Leverage actionable insights and ML-based predictions to continuously improve



Leverage out-of-the-box integration with various DevOps and ITSM tools

What Business Outcomes You Will Achieve?

  • Establish an agile path to innovation without risks
  • Reduce wastage and realize better ROI with your cloud investments
  • Mitigate security and compliance risks
  • Transform IT from a cost center toinnovation center

Our Customer Success Stories

Case Study

Learn how CAMS Online, a leading financial services company reduced its cloud costs by 60% using a robust cloud governance platform

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