Continuously Monitor and Control Compliance
Vulnerabilities using CoreStack

Compliance Pressures can Eat up all your Resources leaving no room for Innovation

  • Adhering to corporate, industry and government regulations can get very complex in multi-cloud environments.
  • Rapid deployment of cloud services can mean less time for checking for security controls
  • Forcing compliance as an afterthought leads to
    IT and security headaches which may end up in audit failures

How CoreStack Solves your
Compliance Problems?

Policy Enforcement
  • Bring in compliance on Day 1 of your Cloud journey thus avoiding audit failures
  • Automatically tag policies to existing resources or resources getting newly provisioned
  • Onboard custom policies to support  your Industry specific compliance needs
  • Flexibly execute policies on an ad-hoc basis for audits

Insights & Recommendations
  • Monitor all your compliance metrics across different Clouds from a single place
  • Quickly analyze open, acknowledged and closed violations by Cloud account and policy type
  • Leverage the automatic recommendations on the compliance gaps
Automatic Remediation
  • Get automatic notifications on compliance violations via an e-mail or your ticketing system
  • Automatically trigger the remediation using a template or a script

Watch how to Proactively Detect and Resolve your Compliance Issues

Our Customer Success Stories

Case Study

Learn how CAMS Online, a leading financial services company proactively resolved 23 major compliance issues related to security and best practices within 6 months while reducing costs

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