The Promise of Cloud is Impossible
to Realize without Automation

Make it a Reality with CoreStack

These Problems can Severely
Block you from being a
Digital Winner

  • No in-house expertise to manage multiple clouds and tools
  • Paying huge costs for achieving Zero downtime
  • Frustrated with the unplanned outages and lost revenues
  • Trying to morph traditional approaches to suit modern IT operations
  • No strategy to successfully adopt ever-growing Cloud services from multiple cloud vendors

How does CoreStack help Streamline your Cloud Operations?

CoreStack uses a unique Cloud-as-Code approach to solve the above problems
Operations Dashboard
  • Gain visibility into Cloud usage trends, threshold violations, and potential risks
  • Track the health of all your multi-cloud from a single place

Inventory Discovery
  • Discover all your multi-cloud or hybrid cloud resources from a single place
  • Analyze and take required actions such as stop, start
Cloud-native Governance
  • Chain disparate governance services provided by cloud providers such as monitoring, patching, security, backup, and budget
  • Easily integrate with various DevOps and ITSM tools
  • Free up time of your valuable DevOps resources

Intelligent Defect
Detection & Remediation
  • Proactively detect defects using Machine Learning models
  • Replace manual intervention with Data-driven automated resolutions
  • Enjoy a platform driven zero downtime

Watch how to Streamline
your Cloud Operations

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